Change Wind Direction + Stop the Snowfall

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  • Written by Ray Barbieri on December 24, 2019 – 5:44 am -

    We sure do appreciate the many cards and pictures we’ve received from our extended family and friends. As is our tradition, we’ve placed them in the prominent space in our Kitchen to enjoy throughout the Holiday!

    Please feel free to update us here in a comment. We are not very good Facebook people so this is easier and more meaningful to us.

    Merry Christmas and may you enjoy the generous blessings of our Savior in the coming year.

    Ray and Lynda

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    1. Ray Barbieri says:

      Merry Christmas! We love to see your comments.

    2. Christine says:

      This is so cool! I haven’t seen your website before. Cute to see Travis as a kid. 🙂 Your voice hasn’t changed since 1988, Ray! Merry Christmas!

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