Change Wind Direction + Stop the Snowfall

  • Merry Christmas 2019!
  • Ok, really quickly, here’s what we’ve been up to. Kinda got started a bit late and not sure if we’ll be able to finish in time. Sorta a theme this year

    At Debonair Dance with three fantastic dance couples

    Ray: He’s still working at PBCC as the Facilities/IT manager. Job is good and the people are great (what’d you expect at a church?) Continues to play drums/run sound there. Also ran sound at the Shoestring Theater presentation of Annie this summer. Continues to make wine with the FiveGuys to much acclaim by those who taste it.

    Major family activity this year (besides all of us being involved in Annie) has been the ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit — A.K.A Granny unit in back yard). Got an architect and waded through several Campbell City Planning changes over the summer; culminating in a solution that looks like it’s as big as we can afford! Awaiting elevations from the architect. Then on to signing up with a contractor. Expect to get this done for 2020 so Travis and Alex can move in to it. Their rent will pay the mortgage. Win/Win.

    Lynda: Continues to work at PBCC and despite her title being secretary, over the year, she’s been spending more time on web and online church management stuff. Continues to be prolific in knitting. She and Ray have started spending Saturday’s visiting gardens as their “date”. Little while back she was gifted a year membership in Filoli Gardens in Woodside — probably 30 minutes drive from the house.

    Oh and check out Alex’s Christmas Gift to the whole family. Both sides of the family will enjoy this edit of Ray and Lynda’s first two Christmases — 1988 and 1989.

    Also of interest might be Alex’s Father’s day gift to me.