Woh! What happened to early retirement?

Since I (Ray) do all the heavy lifting for our website, I thought it appropriate that I would give you a heads up on what a year we’ve had.

The beginning of the year started off pretty OK but, YIKES, things got real busy at the end!

Very short summary of the last quarter:

  • Travis has a significant car accident but he’s recovering nicely
  • Finally the decision to move Nana to Assisted Living
  • Which led to the decision to prep Nana’s house for renting so we can pay for the Assisted Living
  • Which begged the question, where do Travis/Alex live
  • Which led to the decision to build an ADU (Granny house) in our back yard!
  • Which led Ray to resign from prxy Inc effective 12/30/2018
  • As if that wasn’t enough, there’s been significant facilities emergencies at PBCC which have consumed Ray
  • Add to that the normal frenzy leading to Christmas with family, church services, parties with friends! All that would have been fine and normal.

It’s all good stuff! Pushing our family in ways I’ve never been pushed before. Fortunately, everyone is rising to the occasion and we’re seeing maturity and coming together as a family in ways I would never have predicted.

More later (hopefully)