Year of Changes

Really quick: this has been a big year for changes. Ray got laid off, had 2 months of early retirement, took a part time job and then took a second part time job so now he’s more than full time. The best part of Ray’s second job is that he is working with his wife at the church (

Alex moved back to the Bay Area and is working full time and also helps out with Nana. He is doing very well and we are super excited for him.

Travis and Kellen are enjoying their dog Winkie and Kellen has taken to working multiple jobs – one of which is graveyard!  Both are happy/healthy.

Ricky lives in Kansas City, MO and continues to struggle with a low pay job while looking for better work. His car got jacked and now he’s without a car. But he’s taking the right steps to improve his situation so it’s just a matter of time.

Lynda has stoically endured all the changes this year with grace.  She continues to knit and sew adding some new skills with quilting.  Her ukulele is really coming along. Alex is teaching her along with a group of other women and it’s been really fun for her. She and Ray often will play songs together in the evening while enjoying a sip of homemade wine!

There’s lots and lots more to say but in case someone decides to look, we wanted to get this going sooner. We’ll be embarking on a cruise and with the heavy load of activities leading up to the Christmas season, it’s not likely we’ll get a chance to add to this before the New Year.

So, we truly wish you a very Merry Christmas and may you meet and experience the joy of knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the coming year.

God Bless,

Ray and Lynda