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2006 was a year full of change for me.  I began the year as a lowly freshman, easily getting good grades and ending as a sophomore, learning to drive, and taking lots of classes I don’t enjoy.  In January the volleyball season at school began and began to play JV. Somehow, however, I ended up on varsity halfway through the season. We were league champs, but we were demolished in the first game of the playoffs. Oh well.

As summer began, I had nothing to do. I spent a lot of time sitting at my computer playing battlefield 2, and Oblivion like some sort of nerd. We went on a trip to the grand canyon and really enjoyed it, except for the traffic, the annoying Mexican girls we took with us, the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere (just outside Hurricane in fact), the annoying Mexican girls, the forest fire that trapped us on the south rim, while steadily coming straight towards us (but we had nothing to fear, as the rangers told us), oh, and the annoying Mexican girls, then we went on a 50 mile dirt road to escape, but as we went out to it, the cars in front of us vanished, and we didn’t know where the heck we were going. THEN, we found it (after a half hour of driving down a road toward a fire, wondering if we missed our exit), and sat in the car for an hour while they got the emergency trucks and stuff ready to get on the dirt road, and THEN after 50 miles of not being able to see out the windows and bouncing up and down, we escaped and went home, in the company of the annoying Mexican girls. Well, it was worse for my aunt and cousin, who got stuck in a hail storm, and got sick and puked on the side of her car.

I also got to learn to wakeboard, on a slightly happier note (except for the pain involved with that).

Uhh…….then school had start, and ruin Everything. I am not very good at math, and I am taking two math related courses this year (which, to add to it, have different ways of doing things), chemistry and algebra 2. I’m also taking Bible, English (not honors…), Spanish 2 and PE. I don’t have an elective this semester. And next semester my elective is a required class.

I went to Woodleaf camp with my school and Ponderosa (Pondy) camp with my church. Those were fun.

I probably missed something important, but Mom isn’t here right now, so that’s all you get to read.