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I checked this and found that it was overrun with spam. I've made some changes to try to fix this. Unfortunately, I've lost any of the guestbook entries past Audie's.
Ray Barbieri <>
Campbell, CA USA
- Tuesday, August 14, 2007 at 21:27:44 (PDT)
Ralphie and Family: I can't believe how your boys have all grown!! Where are pictures of you at Christmas this year Ralphie? From the Christmas card, looks like you are the winner for the most gray hairs!! Well, this website is a really cool idea. I am very proud of Ricky for being the only sibling to actually write something. If I had one of these websites, I know that Megan's would sound almost identical (it has such a teenager tone). Lynda: Congrats on successfully entering back into the working world!! I'd love to hear more about your job and what you do. I'm really looking forward the family getting together this year, 2007! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Audrey Gallagher <Audrey Gallagher >
Oviedo , FL USA -
I should do a web site so I can just point to Ricky's description of our Grand Canyon "vacation" - I think he described it perfectly! Love the music throughout!
Auntie Janet <Auntie Janet>
Irvine, CA USA -
Welcome to our Guestbook. May God grant you a prosperous New Year!
Ray Barbieri <Ray Barbieri>
Campbell, CA USA -